Protecting Against Predators: How to talk to your child victim


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) — In this week’s Protecting Against Predators segment, presented by OSI Security and JM4 Dimensions, Sgt. Jason Haak discusses how to talk to your child should they become the victim of a sexual predator.

They are the VICTIM!

Do not VICTIM BLAME your child!

Most are already dealing with low self-esteem, no confidence and some form of depression.

This is a sign that they need you now more than ever.

Instead of blaming your child for this behavior, talk to them and find out how this was able to happen to them. What weaknesses did the predator see in your child that provided the opening for him to make the connection and take advantage of your child?

We have seen on multiple occasions parents overreacting by blaming the child victim. This often times will lead to deeper depression and suicidal thoughts as they are made to feel completely worthless. We have seen them have to stay in mental institutions due to this. Some have even attempted suicide.

This is the time as a parent for you to step in and strengthen the weaknesses that the predator used to expose your child. Talk to them and it does not hurt to get them professional help to overcome these weaknesses to help them be better prepared for when the next predator contacts them.

Be there, love them and get them the right kind of help.

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