18-year-old, Paris Bennett has been in an Abilene courtroom for the past two days to find out if he would be transferred to the adult prison system when he turns 19.

On Wednesday, the judge decided he would spend the rest of his sentence in an adult Texas prison. It was back in 2007, Paris was 13-years-old when he stabbed his 4-year-old sister, Ella.

His mother, Charity Lee, was in town for the hearing and spoke exclusively to KTAB News.

Lee says Paris told the judge the hearing was a waste of time, because he knew he was going to be sent to adult prison. Lee was supposed to testify against her son, she believes he is still too dangerous to be released into the public.

She decided not to testify when she found out that if she did, she would not be able to be in the courtroom during the proceedings. Instead, she says she sat and watched the two-day hearing as Paris’ attorney blamed her for what happened to her family.

She says she was allowed to speak in court after the hearing in a victim impact statement.

She says she spoke directly to her son. She says she told him she loved him and she always would.

Lee also says she knows that Paris killed her daughter to hurt and destroy. She says the first time she knew Paris wanted to cause her harm was when he was only 8 years old. He wrote a letter to Lee stating he wanted to kill her. She even said he used three different colored markers, using red to write kill and murder in bold letters. 
For now, Lee is going to continue to work with the Ella Foundation, a group she created. The foundation fights for victim’s rights and prisoner’s rights. She wants to leave the public with one thought. Remember the victims, not the killers, remember Ella.