ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – KTAB’s 2022 Remarkable Woman, Camie Garvey, donated her winnings to the nonprofit of her choice – that nonprofit being the Community Foundation of Abilene.

In November 2021, Garvey walked into her Downtown Abilene business, the Abilene Yoga House, like any other day. Unlike any other day, her usually pristine walls were vandalized.

KTAB’s 2022 Remarkable Woman donates $1,000 to Community Foundation of Abilene

Instead of pressing charges on the teenagers who were found to be at fault, Garvey offered a different kind of resolution. She told the teen vandals and their parents she’d allow them to take free yoga classes at her studio.

Garvey was named the contest winner in March, winning $1,000 to donate to the nonprofit of her choosing, along with $100 to keep.

The $1,000 check from Nexstar and KTAB has been handed over to the Community Foundation of Abilene.