CISCO, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Life moves on quickly sometimes and the moments often loved can slip away as quickly as they came. Cisco Photographer Tyler Clement is helping to preserve those moments for a few area women in his new series ‘Legendary Ladies.’

“It was definitely a lot of work but I put my whole heart and soul into every client that I had for this,” Clement said.

Clement Family photo

The idea to celebrate women over the age of 40 with a professional photo session is a simple one, but it holds a deeply personal meaning for Clement.

“My mom passed away at 49 and we didn’t have a lot of great photos of her, definitely not professional photos. Just because as most women, she didn’t like being in front of the camera. I have the ability to make those photos but I didn’t push her to get in front of the camera,” Clement expressed.

Clement in studio for “Legendary Ladies” shoot

The year-long project has been made into a magazine featuring photos of many Big Country women over the age of 40, alongside a few words from the ladies themselves like Client Elisa Robledo.

“I have five children and they were all active in sports, so I was always the one taking pictures… My husband and I are empty-nesters now so there’s no pictures left to take of others,” Robledo shared.

Robledo said she recently turned 60 and figured it was as good a time as any to take some time for herself. She shared that the final product was beyond her initial expectations.

“I was so nervous at first but the portraits are just amazing,” Robledo shared.

Clement and his makeup and style artist worked upwards of four hours in the studio with each woman. They consulted with each client to make sure their portrait was unique to them and timeless enough to pass on for generations.

Rosalind Hixon doing makeup

“We had a really good time getting to know all of these women and their different backgrounds and where they’re from and their different hobbies and what they like,” Stylist Rosalind Hixon shared.

Each session was tailored specifically for each lady that walked through the studio’s doors.

“What they wanna wear, what style they want. What they want people to think of them when they see these photos, so we can design the whole experience around exactly what they’re wanting,” Clement added.

Clement stated that some of the shoots got a bit emotional as he thought of his own mother and just how much these photos mean to these ladies and their loved ones.

“I don’t want to get morbid, but like every day isn’t promised and that’s why I always advocate for getting in front of the camera,” Clement expressed.

Robledo said she is glad she took the opportunity and is happy to have an heirloom she can be proud of.

“Oh my goodness I just see… Time has passed and kids have gotten older… Just a lot of memories in that one picture for me,” Robledo explained.