ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- With the Texas bathroom bill as well as other bills regarding the LGBT community, several groups decided to spread awareness on the issues.

Over two dozen LGBT supporters marched throughout the streets of downtown Abilene.

Insperation Sanchez, a citizen of Abilene, told KRBC that the event was a great opportunity to teach her four-year-old daughter about the cause, because in her household, she doesn’t teach hate.

All ages, genders and ethnicities held signs, flags and other items while marching downtown with smiles on their faces.

“I have done a few marches, one in Austin, but this is my first march in Abilene to participate in.” Hallie Bingaman, LGBT member, told KRBC.

The main reason behind the march was to help spread awareness of the possibilities of the recent bills regarding the LGBT community.

If they are rejected by their family, if they are rejected by their friends, i mean look around, there are people in this community that love you and that want to be there for you and lift you up!” Added Bingaman.

But members of the LGBT community are still worried.

Ricardo Hector Reyes, the mastermind behind the march told KRBC that there are bills in the house, that may do damage to the LGBT community, especially the transgender kids who are afraid to come out or can’t express who they are.

Although there wil be a march on Monday at the State Capital., Reyes wanted the community of Abilene to partake in a similar movement, regardless of the different views in the City of Abilene.

It is West Texas, it’s very conservative and you kind of have to know that that’s where you live and there is going to be people that aren’t going to accept you for who you are.” Said Bingaman.