ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – This holiday season we’re sharing the stories of Hendrick Hospice and the care it provides to it’s patients, all part of their Light Up A Life campaign.

KTAB/KRBC’s Jessica Ranck introduces us to the Lloyd family as they recount their mother’s experience in Hendrick Hospice.

“When I think of my mother, I think of Love, her love and devotion to her husband, she loved her son’s my brother and myself, she was crazy about her grandchildren,” said Randy Lloyd.

To Randy Lloyd his mother was the best on the block, one who was known for her kindness toward others and zest for life, living each day as if it were her last

“At one time I had asked, how many times they had gone to Europe and they had gone 8 different times,” said Lloyd.

One thing that Lloyd said his mother had better than any others was a great memory.

“She remembered people’s birthdays and anniversaries, obscure people, I mean it was like she heard it once and she just remembered,” said Lloyd.

As time passed, those memories started to fade.

“When she started asking the same question again, that’s when really there was an issue,” said Lloyd. “When you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, and this is your first time to go down this road, you spend a whole lot of time praying for guidance and direction.

Eventually that led him through the doors of Hendrick Hospice, meeting the nurses behind the desk that would soon hold a special piece of of Lloyd’s heart.

“I’m just going ‘Ok, if we sign up for the hospice program I guess we get a discount?’ and she said ‘No once you sign up for the program we’re going to have these people come out and we’re not going to charge you every time they come out,’ I mean this is just great,” said Lloyd.

The nurses spent weeks caring for Lloyd’s mother Doris but as Randy says they did much more than just that.

The hospice nurses and everybody wanted to concentrate on the family unit, how’s everybody doing,” said Lloyd.