ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – This weekend the nation will start taking on the sales for the busiest time in the retail season and most of us have places picked out where we think we will find the best deals.  

But Key city business owners are encouraging citizens to shop locally, putting their money back into Abilene’s own local businesses to keep their doors open. 

Local-owned businesses, like The Leaf, have been a part of Abilene’s small business community since 1998. 

“We bring in and sale high-end premium cigars and imported pipe Tabacco, as well as accessories that go along with those,” said managing partner Jay Patterson. 

Over the last 23 years, Patterson says during the holiday season is where business really starts to boom. 

“We’re thoroughly anticipating those dads’ gifts, husband gifts, boyfriends’ gifts, or even moms and girlfriends,” said Patterson.  

Patterson believes it is imperative to push “buy local, shop local” especially in these past 2 years.  

“It becomes even more important because what you’re looking at is every dollar you spend locally, that’s going towards your neighbor, your friend. They’re helping to support the local economy and keep it running,” said. Patterson.  

Laurin Kocurek, Vice President of Operations & Communication with Abilene Chamber of Commerce says the city of Abilene is so unique in making sure we take care of our own.  

“Through sponsoring a little kids soccer tournament, through hiring your friend and your neighbor down the street. All of those dollars that are kept local help thrive our local economy,” said Kocurek.  

Kocurek says if every family spends $10 locally each month, over $9.3 billion dollars would return to the Abilene economy. 

“Save those traveling miles, no one wants to be out traveling right now. We just want to stay local, shop local, and help support our local merchants so our community can continue to grow and thrive,” said Kocurek.  

And to stay afloat, locally-owned shops and restaurants are always looking for new products and incentives to create more foot traffic.  

“It’s very exciting to be a part of the small business community to see that longevity at least for our shop here at the leaf. That we will maintain that we will find a way to survive,” said Patterson.  

Be sure to check out Abilene Small businesses Facebook group for local deals this weekend.