Local Brewery hosts Australian Volunteer Firefighter Fundraiser


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) Six Brothers Brewery hosted their Australian Volunteer Firefighter Fundraiser. “Seeing these volunteer firefighters in Australia made us want to step up and do our part, as small as it may be.” said the brothers in the event description.

“We reached out to the two brothers brewery down in Melbourne Australia and so we kind of worked with them on a recipe and we brewed a special one,” said Blaise Regan, one of the 6 brothers. He says they decided to help after learning about the devastating wildfires in Australia.

“Even though we’re half a world away we wanted to reach out and see what we could do for them.”

And today dozens of people showed up in support of their cause.

“We opened at two and we had people waiting for us to open.”

Tina Imhofe says she’s been monitoring the situation in Australia and is happy to see people here stepping in.

“I’m glad I saw it on the news a couple of days ago so we could come out and they wanted to try the beer”

Even though this brewery seems so far from Australia one of the brothers says what’s happening there hits close to home.

“I’ve been in Australia and one of the brothers lived in Australia for a while and we’ve got a lot of friends down in Australia and so seeing the wildfire mad it a bit more personal for us.”

Even bring back some memories

“My land north of town about 33 acres burned about two years ago. Kind of going through that and seeing it as your driving up really puts in perspective what they’re going through as these massive fires are burning through the parks and the whole area.”

And today’s event a reminder that you can make a difference no matter where you are

“I hope that the money that they raise I know this is little Abilene it will be a small drop in the bucket for what the need in Australia but hopefully that little bit will help.’

The biggest donor not only gets to enjoy some good beer… but they will also get to name the Australian ale.

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