Local gun expert gives thoughts on “Constitutional Carry”



Permitless carry will become a reality for Texans effective September 1st 2021. Meaning gun owners no longer need to be licensed or trained to carry a gun in most public places. Key word being owners.

“Well if you cant buy a gun you can’t carry a gun” Says Co-owner of the Abilene indoor gun range James Hill.

Age, background, and legal status still dictate who can have a gun. Permitless carry applies only to the legal possession of a firearm.

Hill says this won’t be a chance to live out your wild west fantasies as some have theorized.

“You still gotta pass background checks you know. Everything else that applies to the responsibility of owning a firearm” Said HIll.

And while this new law will allow concealed or open cary in some public spaces, Hill says a license to carry or LTC is still his preferred method.

“There’s stores here that have the unlicensed carrying of a handgun is a criminal offense posted on their front door” He commented.

Federal law or not, a sign like that must be observed. Especially at locations where alcohol is sold.

“Where if you have an LTC that doesn’t apply” Said Hill.

So if you’re looking to have your gun just about everywhere you are. An LTC may be the better way to go.

“You’re limiting yourself if that’s all you’re going for” Hill said.

and as always knowledge of the law is the best defense.

“Ignorance is not an excuse so if you do it be responsible. I’d look into it if I was going to do it.” Says Hill.

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