ABILENE, TX (KRBC)- The City of Abilene says in the past year, over four-thousand stray cats have been taken to our local shelters.

With so many on our streets, one local man is demanding changes to the cities animal ordinance looking to prohibit residents from feeding strays.

“We need to get something done,” says the concerned resident, who wishes to remain anonymous. “The cats defecate in the yard front yard back yard and these cats aren’t vaccinated don’t have any shots.”

After living 30 years in his South Abilene home, he claims neighbors are the reason for numerous stray cats in the area.

 “At first count there was 15 and then It got up to about 20 and we’ve been trapping them but with people feeding them, it gets harder and harder to trap them because the cats have plenty of food,” says the resident.

He tells KRBC they’re not only a nuisance but they’re bringing other unwanted guest.

“We’ve never had fleas or ticks since I’ve been there and now they’re all over everyone’s yard,” says the resident.

After 8 months, he’s demanding the City of Abilene to change their rules and regulations regarding residents feeding strays.

The city animal ordinance is 14 pages long, while it does prohibit dogs from running loose it mentions nothing about cats roaming unrestrained;
nor anything banning residents from feeding the strays.

According to the City of Abilene, there were over 4,300 cats taken to our local shelters within the past year.

About 1,600 were adopted, reclaimed or transferred to another rescue group or organization.

The resident feels  without the city’s  help, the problem is only going to get worse.

“It’s a never ending deal,l it just grows and grows, something has got to be done,” says the resident.

The city says if residents are concerned about stray cats  on their property, they can humanely trap the cat and bring it to the shelter.

Animal services has traps that citizens can borrow, but the wait time can be  up to 4 to 6 weeks.