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'It was never my intention to be offensive': Organization calls Abilene councilman's FB posts racist

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - An Abilene city councilman is saying it was never his intention to be offensive after a civil rights organization called several of his Facebook posts racist. 

Jack Guzman, District 9 Director of LULAC, sent KTAB and KRBC printed pictures of more than 20 posts councilman Kyle McAlister has made on his personal Facebook page that Guzman claims are targeting Hispanics. 

Guzman says the posts, which were all made from 2010 through 2018, are not just a one-time oversight and that he believes they reflect how McAlister really feels about Hispanics and

other races. 

"When you start doing racial stuff - and of course people do joke around amongst friends - but when you're putting it out there on social media and you're dating back year after year after year after year. . . you're serious about it," Guzman explained to KTAB and KRBC.  

McAlister says the posts, which were made in the

context of hundreds of others, are just part of his sense of humor and that he never wanted to offend anyone. 

"My sense humor obviously is a little different than everyone else's," McAlister told KTAB and KRBC. "It was never my intention to be offensive to anyone. If I was offensive, I do apologize for that."

McAlister goes on to explain that many of the posts are soccer references - something he is very passionate about - and as a supporter of Team USA, he says the Mexican National Team is his arch nemesis. 

As for the rest of the posts, he says they are jokes and admits his sense of humor isn't for everyone. 

Guzman anticipated McAlister would say he was just joking, but for him, this is a serious matter. 

"I do not accept him saying it was a joke because it's not a joke," Guzman claims. "In today's world, we have enough of that going on. . .it's totally unacceptable, especially if you're a community leader - you don't do that."

McAlister says the allegations of him being racist have taken him by surprise and that no one with LULAC or any other organization has ever expressed having an issue with his posts, many of which have been around for years and predate his last city council election. 

But, McAlister has a single response to anyone who wishes to criticize his social media behavior: "Let's sit down and talk about it."

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