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Abilene councilman moves to self-censure in light of 'racist' FB posts, others call for resignation

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Abilene city councilman Kyle McAlister says he is going to motion to censure himself at an upcoming meeting due to comments on his personal Facebook page a civil rights organization says are racist. 

Mayor Anthony Williams held a press conference in conjunction with McAlister Wednesday afternoon to address the posts, which LULAC printed out and sent to KTAB and KRBC news earlier this week

During the press conference, the Mayor said he 'strongly condemns' McAlister's posts and claims he is embarrassed by their contents. 

"Those posts were not only inappropriate - they were offensive," Mayor Williams said. "They offended me."

McAlister echoed Mayor Williams' critiques, saying his behavior was "thoughtless. It was insensitive. it shows no understanding to what people have gone through and what people are going through."

McAlister promised to be more mindful about what finds humorous and what he posts on the internet in the future, and to end the press conference, he said he is going to make a motion to censure himself at an upcoming city council meeting and is going to cast the first vote in favor of the motion. 

This means he will move for the council to make a formal statement of disapproval against his behavior. 

When asked if he would be stepping down, McAlister said no and also expressed his intent to continue running for city council in the future. 

An hour after Mayor Williams and Councilman McAlister addressed the public, Hispanic leaders and advocates from around Abilene held a press conference of their own to discuss the 'racist' posts. 

Samuel Garcia, speaking on behalf of Abilene's Hispanic community, said "this kind of racial commentary is unacceptable. It will not go unnoticed or excused as humorous banter." 

Garcia says he and his supporters are calling for McAlister's resignation, claiming censure, though a move in the right direction, does not do justice to the sensitive situation. 

They also want Abilene ISD to ban McAlister from refereeing at all Abilene ISD soccer games because they say many of his posts were racist against Hispanics who play. 

"We can do better and Abilene deserves better," Garcia said. 

KTAB and KRBC have reached out to Abilene ISD and the Big Country Soccer Association to see if McAlister's status as a referee could be affected.

AISD said they have asked McAllister to be "scratched" from further officiating.

Abilene ISD has been made aware of social media posts attributed to Kyle McAlister.  It is our belief that the contents of these posts do not reflect the values and mission of AISD. In light of this, the district at this time has requested that the Abilene Chapter of the Texas Association of Sports Officials (TASO) scratch Mr. McAlister from officiating AISD soccer games. This process will be conducted in accordance with Section 1204 of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Constitution and Contest Rules.  

KACU, the radio station where McAlister volunteers as a host, says they are ". . .reviewing the situation to determine whether 'NightSounds with Kyle McAlister' will continue to air. McAlister is a volunteer host and is not employed by KACU or Abilene Christian University."

BigCountryHomepage will update this article once additional information is released. 

Full press conference with Mayor Williams, Councilman McAlister:

Full press conference with Hispanic leaders, advocates:

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