Abilene kids set up lemonade stand to buy dad Father’s Day gift

Local News

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Four Abilene siblings are working to show their dad just how special he is by earning money for his Father’s Day gift the hard way – old-fashioned entrepreneurship. 

Kathano Smith and his brothers and sister set up in the same spot every day in front of their house near the intersection of N. 6th Street and Merchant Street, serving lemonade and tea as a way to beat the heat.

They set up around 2:00 p.m., and even though the afternoons are long and hot, they don’t mind. Every customer brings them closer to their goal of raising $75 to get their dad a special treat.

Kathano wouldn’t tell KTAB and KRBC what he and his siblings have planned because dad was listening in on the interview, but he did say they’re working hard to earn the money because of everything their dad does, like buying them new shoes, paying bills, washing their clothes, and going to work to provide for them. 

Mom Latisha Beason says she and dad are extremely proud that the kids are earning the money instead of just asking for it. 

“It makes me proud because kids don’t usually want to get out there and go work hard to earn money and all that, so hearing them want to. . .that’s really special,” Beason said.

The kids have already raised most of the money toward the Father’s Day present and say that any extra money will go toward buying a pool for those hot summer days. 

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