City of Brownwood looks to ease size requirements for chicken pens

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BROWNWOOD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For those who have or want to have chickens on their property inside city limits, the City of Brownwood is looking to revise its livestock ordinance to make it easier to own the bird.

Brownwood resident Ed McMillian says he’s been raising chickens since he was a small child.

While the city ordinance doesn’t limit the number of chickens one can have, when compared to the National Extension Office recommendation for pen requirements, the ones currently in place for Brownwood make it harder to own them completely.

“It’s 100 square feet per chicken. That’s a 10 by 10 pen for one bird,” McMillian says. “This is what I’m looking at changing.”

As a city council member, McMillian is bringing the issue up for debate.

City code enforcement personnel say they do have complaints about the birds.

“The most complaints we get are the roaming free of getting on other people’s property who don’t particularly care for them, and then the nuisance of the roosters. People having too many roosters and the noise,” says Code Enforcement Director Tim Murray.

Murray agrees that the current pen restrictions are a little over the top.

“Which I very seldom agree, but I do agree with Councilman McMillian, but that is a little excessive for keeping just one chicken at 100 square feet.”

Now they’re looking to loosen the pen requirements, but keep the chickens from becoming a problem.

“I would be in favor of putting a limit on how many you can have and making sure they’re properly penned and in an enclosure, not roaming free,” Murray says.

City council will look at changing the ordinance.

This was just the introduction of the topic to the council, it will be back on the agenda in the second meeting in March.

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