City of Stamford starts phase two of $20 million water project

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)- In 2016 The Texas Water Development Board granted The City of Stamford $20,000,000 for their four-step project to fix up their water department. Step one was a 15-mile pipeline from Lake Stamford to their water treatment plant. Now starting step two, a new elevated storage tank or water tower.

“The water development board, the half grant and then the low-interest loan. Those are just are incredible terms that we are thankful to the state that they offer that,” said James Decker, Mayor of Stamford.

They will have to pay back $9,500,000 through water sales and they did raise water taxes when they were awarded the project but they do not see any more increases set for the future.

“Electrical cost are already down, we are saving money there and with the new pumps we even think that’s going to be more efficient,” said Alan Plumlee, City Manager of Stamford.

The old tower and pipes were built over 60 years ago so the equipment had yearly maintenance.

“On the old pipeline we were experiencing several leaks on it and it would cost us anywhere from 20 to 30, maybe even $40,000 a year to repair those leaks because we would have to call in equipment and contractors to fix that,” said Plumlee.

The old two water towers will be removed as part of the project due to safety concerns.

“We are going to replace those water towers with a water tower that hopefully last us for the next 50 to 75 years,” said Decker.

Once this stage is done they will move to stage three which is new pumps at Lake Stamford and the last phase is a new water treatment plant. They hope to have it all done by 2021.

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