Clyde Police Chief teaching Criminal Justice class at high school

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CLYDE, Texas (KTAB) – Clyde’s Police Chief spends a lot of time on the high school campus, but it’s not because anyone is breaking the law.

In fact, he’s reporting for duty, to his classroom, where he teaches an Introduction to Criminal Justice class.

He’s sworn to serve and protect his city, but this Big Country police chief answers another call on the Clyde High School campus.

Clyde Police Chief, Robert Dalton wears many badges, one on his uniform, but also teacher at Clyde High School.

“I graduated from college with no desire to be a teacher,” Dalton says. “I went into law enforcement in 2002.”

Dalton says he never had plans to become a teacher, but, a decade ago, that changed.

“I did not think I would enjoy it. Over the years, I’ve grown to love it,” Dalton says.

He was a patrolman at the time but gladly took on the role of educator.

“I’ve gone from a Patrol Officer, to different positions with the police department, about six years ago became the police chief.”

Fighting crime, but also for the future of law enforcement.

“One of the purposes of the class is to provide an entry point, a gateway of becoming aware of the criminal justice field career-wise,” Dalton says. 

“I learned pretty much a lot about it,”student Zach Midlock says. “What happens when you get arrested, or how you approach a trial and be prepared for it.”

“Chief Dalton is a really great guy. You would want to be in one of his classes because he just brightens up your day. He’s hilarious,” student Anna Irons says.

All while paving the way for the future police force.

“I’ve had several students over the years that have come through the program who have become police officers, corrections officers, a couple State Troopers right now,” Dalton says.

Dalton plans to continue inspiring these young students to pursue professions not only within police forces, but also within the legal system.

Clyde High School also offers a nursing course to its students.

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