ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Crystals, candles, art, music and community are things you can find at Abilene’s first Goddess Festival at Oscar Rose Park. The purpose of the festival is to support womanhood and feel connected with the earth and spirituality.

Elizabeth Floyd, Co-Host, said she took matters in her own hands to create the festival after noticing Abilene never had one before.

“I’ve been all over the United States and I’ve been to a few in different states, and I haven’t seen one in Abilene so I thought ‘what a great idea to bring some people together’… different audiences and different things rather than your traditional vendor show,” said Floyd.

The event featured handmade goods of all varieties by local businesses. Tamara Penaranda, Co-Host, said they purposely included local vendors to bring awareness to unique products.

“Not stuff that you see every day in Walmart or something, you know things that are pretty much handmade, or you know put heart in it and people spend time doing it,” said Penaranda.

On stage you could see performances by belly dancers and musicians. Cynthia Rutledge from the San Angelo moon magic rhythm, said they incorporate the audience into their performances.

“That’s what we’re all about, having a community where everybody can participate and make some spontaneous art,” said Rutledge.

Participants were encouraged to dress up in their best goddess attires in addition to bringing a blanket to picnic and watch the performances.

The hosts said plans for a Winter event is in the works and are hopeful the Goddess Festival can be a yearly event in Abilene.