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Google maps image of Jim Ned baseball field announces 'Jacob Loves Tacos'

TUSCOLA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - An aerial look at the Jim Ned CISD baseball field in Tuscola shows a surprising message on Google maps - "Jacob Loves Tacos".

An image of the map began circulating on social media and at first, it seemed like a picture someone had photoshopped, but Jacob's love for tacos is the real deal! 

After verifying the message does appear for anyone looking at the satellite view of the field on Google maps, KTAB and KRBC contacted Jim Ned CISD to find out how and when the message was generated.

Superintendent Bobby Easterling said he has no idea when it happened, but he was made aware of the message last semester.

Easterling says two custodians were having a little fun and made the message in the grass. 

It's unknown if sheer coincidence or master planning allowed the Google satellite to immortalize their message, but now - everyone who searches for "Jim Ned Schools" will know that "Jacob Loves Tacos". 

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