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Hamby residents welcome broadband Internet

HAMBY, Texas (KRBC) - Several rural communities in the Big Country will soon have access to broadband Internet through a fiber optics system.

The quiet countryside, like the flat land of Hamby, is exactly what four-year resident Sammy Holt was looking for.

"The sun shines great out here, the air is great. I don't have to get a permit to burn my trash," Holt says.

Content without technology, when he found out about Hamby's new access to a fiber optics system, he wasn't exactly floored.

"I used to have Internet in my job in Dallas," Holt says. "I had a limo service, but out here I don't need Internet."

And while longtime Hamby resident Garry Grisham loves the rural life as well, he says broadband Internet was overdue for his daily life.

"We use it to watch TV, we use it for Facebook and different things like that," Grisham says. "And, my grandkids come over and do homework sometimes and they need to be able to get their information here."

Along with leisure activities, Garry says the faster Internet speeds will be especially useful for his family's autoservice business.

"It speeds up our stuff so we can download the things that need to be done, and we have trouble updating our equipment there at the office for that, so it's going to help that," Grisham says.

And while the advancement in technology can benefit rural communities like Hamby, some citizens, like Sammy Holt, may prefer the peace and quiet.

So whether you want to live life unplugged or scroll through Netflix, all Hamby residents can now choose which path to surf.

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