CALLAHAN COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Callahan County court is set to decide if a will filed in the estate of late House of Yahweh leader Yisrayl Abel Hawkins is valid and can go through probate.

An initial hearing was held Thursday to see if two applicants who initially presented the Will of Yisrayl Abel Hawkins for probate could be named co-administrators of Hawkins’ estate and that they be issued Letters of Administration.

These applicants presented a will to the court that they say was created by Hawkins in 2008, years prior to his death, which occurred October 8, 2021.

The initial applicants are claiming this is a holographic will, which the State of Texas classifies as a will that has been signed by the deceased and is entirely in their own handwriting.

Formal objections to this will have also been filed, by potential heirs saying that the will submitted is “typewritten”, not handwritten, so it doesn’t quality as holographic.

If wills are not holographic in Texas, then in order for them to be considered valid in court, they must be signed by two witnesses.

Objectors say only one notary signed the will, so this does not meet the two-witness requirement.

Another discrepancy between the initial request to probate the will and the objections involve Hawkins’ children.

The initial applicants say Hawkins did not have or adopt any additional children after his will was created in 2008, however, the objectors claim that Hawkins had more than 30 children, and only some of them belonged to the wife he was married to when he died. Many of these children will have to be identified and located, according to the objectors.

Another issue, according to the objectors, is the size of Hawkins’ estate. They claim he owns more than $5 million worth of assets, more than 200 pieces of property, more than 10 LLCs that also have properties, and more.

The objectors say that the this is too much for the two initial applicants to handle, and they are requesting a third party who is familiar with probate matters step in. They are also asking that the Court to Determine Heirs of the Decedent and appoint a Dependent Administrator over the estate of the Decedent.

A copy of Hawkins’ will on file at the Callahan County courthouse reads as follows:

“To Whom It May Concern,

I have reason to believe that the municipal department, the law enforcement, etc. are out to kill me. I am told that they intend to assassinate me. So before I am killed, or if Yahweh allows them to kill me, be it known to all that I, Yisrayl Hawkins, do will to the House of Yahweh everything that I own, and I do mean everything. 

I only ask that the Priests of Yahweh, the Priests of The House of Yahweh will take car of all the workers, the children, the families, and keep the Work going according to the Laws of Yahweh, as I have established it, under the Inspiration of Yahweh. The persecution has increased because we have exposed the sins of the religions they follow. The Prophet Daniyl said, some will fall, even among those with understanding. Some will fall test to others.

I hope all of you will remain strong. If they kill me, I will be resurrected and will see you at the beginning of the millennium, the 100-year reign of Revelation 20. 

I don’t mind dying if it’s Yahweh’s Will. I do hate to die at the hands of men. 

Remember, we are the only Prophesied House of Yahweh. We, all who endure until The End, in the Faith Yahweh gives us will have a place in the Kingdom of Yahweh forever. We then will have the Power to stop the evil we all see, that is taking place at this time. 

To The House of Yahweh Priests
Please keep all the workers in the same offices we have placed them now. Please make sure they have all their needs met. Please do your best to keep the Work going.

I don’t know how far Yahweh will allow them to go. I pray it’s not far. 

I love all of you. 

Be faithful to Yahweh and His Laws.

Love, true love. 

During Thursday’s hearing, officials determined that there was too much unknown about the will to make a decision on if it qualified for probate, so the validity of the will and what will happen next will be decided in court.

A date has not been set for this hearing.