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No Cherry 7-Up in Abilene? How a grocery store manager granted a dying man's wish

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - A dying man's seemingly simple request brought strangers together on a mission to get Cherry 7-Up in Abilene. 

Marvin D. Chaney moved to Abilene last Friday to spend what could be the last few weeks of his life surrounded by family and friends. 

Chaney, who suffers from terminal cancer, says he's had Cherry 7-Up every day for nearly a decade, so of course he asked his family to get him a little piece of comfort to remind him of home. 

"it kind of makes you feel a little better," Chaney explains. 

However, Chaney's family members searched several stores in the area for his beloved drink only to return empty handed. 

His niece Sarah eventually found herself at United Supermarkets on S. 14th Street, where she contacted Grocery Manager Sergio Aguillon, who made sure she didn't walk away without the drink once again. 

Aguillon, also perplexed by the lack of Cherry 7-Up in Abilene, called his distributor and learned the beverage can't be sold here due to underlying contracts. 

Still, he didn't take 'no' for an answer, and after begging the distributor to slip him a case on the down low with no avail, he called his district manager, who was on vacation, but still happy to help! 

The district manager, by sheer chance, happened to have two cases of Cherry 7-Up in his garage at home, and after some work overnight, Aguillon was able to give them to Sarah the next morning.

His only payment? A hug - and he wouldn't have it any other way. 

"That's what we do here at United, we take care of our guests," Aguillon told KTAB News. 

Chaney is beyond grateful for these two cases and says they will hold him over until his son can bring him more from Weatherford. 




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