ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Texas Department of Transportation is considering widening Abilene’s stretch of Interstate 20 to 6 lanes to offset an increase in traffic seen in recent years. 

TxDOT spokesperson Cheryl Sawyers says an environmental study is currently underway to determine the logistics behind widening I-20 from the Callahan County/Taylor County line all the way to Merkel.

Sawyers says the additional lanes, one going eastbound and one going west, could make the road safer because it would decrease the amount of vehicle congestion.

Right now, this project is just in the preliminary stages, meaning it has not been funded and there is no start date. 

5 people were killed in deadly wrecks on this stretch of I-20 Sunday night, and Abilene police responded to at least 8-10 wrecks happened over the span of a few hours while people were traveling home for Thanksgiving. 

Though a wider road would help alleviate the issue, both Sawyers and Police Chief Stan Standridge attribute the number of wrecks to distracted driving and weary drivers who travel long stretches without taking breaks! 

BigCountryHomepage will provide additional updates if the project to widen I-20 in Abilene comes to fruition! Check back for the latest information.