ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Ahead of the Abilene city election, a political science professor at McMurry University is sharing his thoughts about how this election is unique as he noticed a new theme that could completely shift issues city council pays attention to. 

Dr. Paul Fabrizio has dedicated much of his time analyzing elections to teach McMurry students about political science, but this local election caught him by surprise.

“I don’t think people expected the campaign that we had here locally,” said Dr. Fabrizio. 

He shared that candidates in recent Abilene elections have typically focused on business or economics. 

“Then last year, with the sanctuary city for life on the ballot, we moved into values,” Fabrizio explained. 

This recent theme of ‘values’ being discussed in elections is now reflected on this election through some of the candidates, according to Dr. Fabrizio. 

“They’re talking about the drag queens. They’re talking about books in the library. They’re talking about something different than what is usually talked about in these elections,” Fabrizio explained. 

He told KTAB/KRBC he believes the test of the strength between the religious and value-based viewpoint versus the business and economical viewpoint will lie in the only race with just two candidates. 

“I’m not saying that Brian Yates isn’t religious or anything like that. It’s just where is their focus? And I think that the religious focus, orientation and values of Scott Beard is much more up front with him,” Dr. Fabrizio added. 

However, no matter which candidate wins in any of the city council races, he points out that they are only one vote on a city council made up of seven votes. 

“So even if the three elected, for example, are the religiously conservative candidates, they still alone won’t have the majority. They are going to have to convince others on the city council to support them,” Fabrizio explained. 

He added that a message will be sent by voters to the city council about what they want the council to pay attention to. 

Look out for the full interview with Dr. Paul Fabrizio, which will be posted this weekend.