BIG COUNTRY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Local Congressmen August Pfluger, 11th District of Texas, and Jodey Arrington, 19th District of Texas, have made statements on the election of Kevin McCarthy.

Early in the morning on January 7, Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the 118th Congress. McCarthy previously served as the representative of the 23rd District of California and will now serve as the 55th Speaker of the House.

In a press release, Arrington congratulated McCarthy on his election and shared his excitement to work with him.

“Congratulations to Kevin McCarthy on being elected Speaker of the House. It is now time to get to work on behalf of the American people who have been struggling under the multitude of self-inflicted crises created by single-party Democrat rule. We must use every tool and power at our disposal to secure the border, stop the reckless spending, and hold the Biden Administration accountable for their incompetence, abuse of power, and failed policies.”

In another press release, Pfluger said he supported McCarthy because of his stance on energy and border security. He also added that he believes McCarthy’s past experiences has prepared him for this role.

“He has made multiple trips to the Permian Basin, and I am confident that his background and
experiences have uniquely positioned him to fight for our industry and way of life.” Pfluger said. “He understands the challenges and threats facing our industry and will fight the Democrats for
American Energy Dominance.”

Pfluger also stated that he plans to work with McCarthy immediately to draft legislation, hold hearings, demand accountability, secure the border and ensure the safety of Americans.