EASTLAND COUNTY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – One year ago today on March 17, multiple fires in Eastland County became the Eastland Complex fire, burning around 54,513 acres according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

During multiple wildfires, many had to evacuate, including those in Eastland. First responders work hard to fight the fires, including Eastland County Deputy Barbara Fenley who lost her life while protecting residents. By March 18, 2022, Governor Greg Abbott signed a proclamation, declaring the fire a disaster.

The fires that made up the Eastland Complex Fire were the Kidd Fire, the Oak Mott Fire, the Wheat Field Fire, the Walling Fire, the Blowing Basin Fire and the Magnum Fire.

While wildfires took place across the Big Country, residents affected by the Eastand Complex Fire recall trouble seeing vehicles right in front of them due to the smoke while evacuating and not knowing if their house or family was going to be safe.

After a night of rain, the fire was considered 100% contained on the morning of March 30, 2022. Although the damage was devastating, some looked for the light at the end of the tunnel. Soon after the fire began, communities began to work towards rebuilding homes and replacing what was lost. Many businesses and people started donating supplies, raising funds and lending a hand to help in any way possible.

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