Love and Care Ministries celebrates 25 years


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Love and Care Ministries is an Abilene institution, spending the past two dozen years serving the homeless and poor in Abilene, as well as in other communities.

It’s hard to pin down an exact date as the start of Love and Care. Founder Mark Hewitt says God presented the option to him during a mission trip to Moscow, Russia.

Hewitt said, “He began to, I believe, search my heart, touch my heart, change me in a way to where there was a question: ‘Why can’t you do this at home?'”

That was the summer of 1994. You can trace a line directly from that mission trip to January of 1995, when Hewitt and another man hit the streets of Abilene with twenty large cups of soup.

There may not be an exact date for the start of Love and Care, but Hewitt says he knows just what love and care both mean.

Hewitt asked, “We’re called to love people unconditionally, and if we’re not loving them, how can we care for them? If we put love and care together, we’re actually doing both.”

Helping with love, and care, and ministry, is Terry Davis. He’s not been a part of Love and Care since the very beginning, but he’s been there for most of their history: nearly two decades. In that time, Davis says he’s learned a lot, like a new outlook on his job.

“I had to get over that mindset from the early years where my job, our job, was to get all these people in here and fix them”, explained Davis. “You probably don’t want me to fix you. And I know I don’t want you to fix me.”

Not only a new point of view, working with Love and Care Ministries has given Davis a pretty good idea of what he wants to do in the years ahead.

“This is probably my last job. I’ll probably work here until the Lord sees fit to take me to be with Him”, Davis said.

In the meantime, Love and Care Ministries will continue to grow. In fact, some growing has already happened in just the past year. Care Packs for Kids, a program that gives kids access to low-cost meals on weekends away from school, started at the beginning of this school year.

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