ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The holiday’s can be a difficult time for many. Some may deal with seasonal depression – others may be reminded of an upsetting memory associated with the holiday season. Latrina Roberts has worked at Whataburger off of Southwest Drive as a service ambassador for years. This year, She dressed up as Madea, the iconic comedy movie character created by Tyler Perry, to spread some holiday cheer.

This character is known for her outgoing ‘I’ll tell you how it is’ personality. The key traits of Madea’s outfit is a long dress, grey hair and an iconic black handbag. Regular customers at Whataburger said they were not surprised when Latrina dressed up as Madea, since she is a very social and outgoing person. Ricky Hussman, longtime regular, said as the years gone by, he’s built a comedic relationship with Latrina.

“Always happy, kidding and joking, so I started kidding and joking with her back,” said Hussman.

Latrina dressed up as Madea because she believes that laughter and community can help those dealing with feelings of loneliness.

“Nobody knows what a person goes through behind their smile and you know, its inspiring, makes you laugh. You can leave with tears in your eyes from laughter, just a joyous thing that I wanted to do,” Roberts expressed.

In fact, many people deal with sad feelings during the holidays like Ron Colwell, a regular customer, who lost his brother around this time last year.

“My younger brother died, had a sudden heart attack, and we come here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We certainly enjoy it. Trina knew all about that and she was very encouraging,” said Colwell.

Latrina was able to encourage Colwell during that hard time. Ricardo Aguilar and Kiana Hendrix, Latrina’s co-workers, shared that’s just how Latrina is.

“She’s the heart of our restaurant and she’s the ambassador, so whenever she does this we are so excited for her to do it,” Aguilar explained.

“She’s like this all the time. We love her here. She’s just a great person. She’s like the light of Whataburger,” Hendrix expressed.

Heather Storey, a local mental health program administrator at the Betty Hardwick Center, explained some of the symptoms to look out for in yourself and others when it comes to mental health.

“You’re sleeping too much or you’re just really overtired. You’re sluggish, or you know you’re becoming irritable. Little things are just really getting to you, but it could be as big as a job loss, financial loss, the loss of a loved one. Maybe even a suicide in your family,” said Storey.

Storey said if you are dealing with mental health issues its okay to ask for help.

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