10-year-old boy making neighbors smile one lawn at a time

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – A national nonprofit, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, started a 50 Yard Challenge, where they have to cut 50 lawns free in their town.
“What we are doing is we are cutting the yards for them that can’t do it so it doesn’t look messy and their yard still looks good while they can’t do it,” said Gavin Harper, 10-year-old Abilene boy who is doing the challenge.  
The participants do it all for free for the elderly, disabled, veterans and single mothers, teaching them to give back.
“Gavin loves the fact when home owners are able to come out and give them a hug, sometimes they tell him a story. It’s just compassion for fellow man,” said David Stiles, Gavin’s grandad.
Gavin loves doing it because he makes neighbors smile.
“When I cut their yards they are happy. One of them has cried because they couldn’t do it and yeah most of them are happy and I usually get some hugs from them if they are there,” said Gavin.
They say it’s what their family does.
“It is a big deal in our family. We pick up trash, we do all kinds of things even before this program started so it’s a good feeling to know that Gavin is willing to step up and do this kind of stuff,” said Stiles.
Every step, giving a new insinuative to keep going.
“Every ten yards you get new supplies, you get a shirt and when you hit the 50 yard mark you get a new mower but in my case I get a fishing rod from him,” said Gavin.
All in hopes that their caring and compassion will last a life time.
“I can help more people when I get older so I know how to do this,” said Gavin.
If you would like to know more about this nonprofit you can go to their website here. If you would like to contact Gavin’s mom about your lawn you can email them at Hierzu7@gmail.com.

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