100 day challenge houses 18 homeless veterans

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Since the partnership of West Texas Homeless Network, Abilene Housing Authority and Abilene Hope Haven, 18 homeless veterans now have a home.
“A lot of them aren’t necessarily aware of the benefits they have available so a lot of what we do is educating and connecting to our community partners,” said John Meier, Veteran Family Services.

Christopher Walker, a veteran, for five and a half years was worried about where he would sleep.
“Where I am going to eat tonight, where am I going to sleep tonight, how can I live this night without somebody attacking me,” said Walker.

Now he has a place to sleep, thanks to the 100 day challenge.

“Got me housing, they’ve got me with employment speciliasts, the VA medical services have just been stellar. I mean it’s been life changing for me,” said Walker.

Finally getting the treatment he needs.

“My depression, my anexity, my PTSD that I suffer from it’s gone way down. I was unmedicated and untreated at the time and just having a home I mean that’s just amazing to me,” said Walker.

He says he is finding his way one day at a time. All he has left to do is to find a job.

“I think I’m on the right path, It’s defintely a path I want to stay on,” said Walker.

They still have 6 actively homeless veterans in the Key City but hope to change that by the 100th day.

“We have all worked together to better identify landlords that are available and have housing stock in Abilene and are willing to work with homeless providers, service providers here locally,” said Meier.

The 100th day is January 31st but on December 1st, they are adding a program called, “Diversion” to their system to help those who only need a one time help instead of long term’ support.

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