ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – Last year, nearly 400 people in Abilene were considered homeless and that number is alarming to agencies which work directly with people dealing with homelessness.

That fact started a conversation about the 100 day challenge where agencies will work together to try and lower that number.

It’s something that’s already been done in other cities like Lubbock and even Austin.

“This is huge for our city. Anytime we can collaborate and work together to address an issue especially one as big as homelessness,” added John Cooper with the West Texas Homeless network, “it means we are going to get further along than we can on our own.”

The different agencies around town will all be implementing a new system called “coordinated entry.” It’s supposed to be an easier way for people to get housing.

“What we are trying to do is create that front door where there’s one place where our homeless neighbors go to get an assessment and then get into the system,” explained John Meier. “They can get referrals that meet their needs that they are eligible for and for the agency that have services available.”

The 100 day challenge starts on January 25th and the hope for Abilene is to house 50 people who are the most at risk.