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Upcoming changes for the Abilene Police Department

Here's what's going on in the APD neck of the woods. As of September 1st, texting and driving, more accurately any sort of typing while driving, became illegal.

According to Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge this will make Abilene streets much safer while not providing to much of a challenge to enforce.

"When we see it, and we have discretionary time, we're going to take enforcement," he commented.

In other enforcement changes, as of the beginning of October Abilene bars will have the opportunity to stay open later.

Chief Standridge told KRBC that this will pose a challenge when it comes to staffing.

"When you think about police staffing, you need to think about taffy."

Patrol shifts for the APD are 12 hours long and can't exceed that. Additionally there are two shifts that have traditionally dealt with after hours, bar related calls; there are the noon to midnight and 2:00 am to 2:00 pm shifts.

"So you would think, reasonably, that you would just need to pull the taffy, pull the staffing, longer this way to catch that longer late shift at the bar."

But if that happens, then the start time of those officers would also shift, and this would cause a major problem.

"And the reason is, our peak call volume begins at 11:00 am; that would shock most people."

The APD does have 14 new officers who will be added to the force in late October. The chief believes will help with this dilemma.

"So we'll just have to see what it does to call volume, and then we'll have to adjust," he went on.

Speaking of adjusting, the APD is planning on moving to to Kmart and will celebrate that fact, as well as seek public opinion on the future of the new law enforcement center, at this year's national night out.

"And I don't want hundreds, I want thousands to come out. Let's cast some vision on what our future looks like together," finished Chief Standridge. 

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