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Abilene Dream Center left to find new way to fundraise after fire destroys workshop

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - The main source of fundraising for a local non-profit went up in flames early this morning.

The workshop where the men from the Abilene Dream Center built hand-made wooden crosses is now gone.

"The shop was somewhere I could express myself," explained Cody Dulaney. "Where I could do things that would occupy my time from thinking about things I used to do."

He has been through the program and now is the home director.

"My life changed out here, this is really what made me change my life was this shop," added Dulaney.

The wooden crosses made in the workshop would bring in $4 to $5,000 a week to help keep the recovery efforts going.

Executive Director and Pastor of Life Church Ezequiel Pecina says the program requires $6,000 a week to be maintained.

"This is what sustains us and now it's kind of holding us back a little bit," Pecina said, "and we're just praying that God will help us through all of this."

The Abilene Fire Department blames faulty wiring for the complete and total loss.

The Dream Center of Abilene is looking for any help to rebuild and keep going strong.





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