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Abilene family competes on Family Feud

ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) - An Abilene woman fulfilled her and her family's dream of competing in the popular game-show, Family Feud. 

After marrying her husband, the family of four turned into five, allowing for them to compete in the show.

"My family and I have always watched Family Feud, it's kind of been like one of our family night traditions," said Erin Chambers Wilson, one of the Chambers family members and contestants on the show.

Wilson said she remembers watching the show since she was a kid.

"It was awesome to be in the studio, to touch the buzzers," said Wilson. 

After marrying her husband, Fredarick Wilson, the two joined Erin's parents and sister, who live in Little Rock, Arkansas, in competing for a spot in Family Feud.

"I got married recently last November, so I'm coming up on a year, and literally a month after I got married, my sister wrote about us to the producers and they invited us to audition," said Wilson.

The family's first stop on their Family Feud journey: Oklahoma City.

"We went against a family and then you find out whether or not you get the little postcard in the mail to let you know if you're one of the families," said Wilson.

After successfully competing against other families in Oklahoma City, the family moved on to Atlanta for the filming of the show in early April.

"It's just crazy to look at the studio, especially something you've watched since you were so tiny, and to be there, and to see your name, to see Chambers in lights and on the screen, was just so surreal and such an amazing opportunity," said Wilson.

After competing in the show, the Chambers and Wilson family intends to only further root on the families in the show.

"Probably Christmas, we will back together again watching the other shows, rooting other families on because we know how fun and challenging the show can be," said Wilson.

The show will air on November 29th and 30th.

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