Abilene Gives helping 121 local non-profits of all sizes

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – Abilene gives is a big day for the 121 local non-profits because it’s a 24 hours period of giving throughout the community.

“Abilene gives is like the perfect solution for our organizations to jump on a new campaign and raise more money,” said Michelle Parish, Grant Director for the Community Foundation of Abilene.

All the non-profits competing for the communities dollars.

“Each year we have seen them build on strategies and tactic from the year before, really getting their boards involved and volunteers. This isn’t just throw your name in the bucket and see if you can get some money. This is real strategy,” said Parish.

One of those non-profits stepping up their game. The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum.

“This year we are kind of putting on the full court press. We’ve got our Facebook presence every hour of this 24 hours,” said William Lenches, Executive Director, The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum.

Their mission, to teach world war ii history; specifically The Holocaust.

“Our job really is teaching children what was there so they can’t be lulled in repeating the same mistakes that happened in the past,” said Lenches.

Their funds depending on admissions, gift shop sales and maybe most importantly donations to keep the doors open.

“It doesn’t matter how good your story is if you can’t afford to tell it to people, you really have failed,” said Lenches.

An event like abilene gives helps continue this long-standing tradition but for some non-profits abilene gives is a stepping stone to get their message out.

“It is so important for us to get out in front of the community and have people know that we are here and what we are doing,” said Danielle Madrid, Director of Development, Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation partnered with meals on wheels last year to provide basic wellness care for pets in the program but the cost, almost $400 per animal.

“We’ve asked people before what would you do if you didn’t have this program, would you give up your pet and the response is always no I would never give up my pet instead they say they would give up their own food, they would stop paying their utilities. They would stop paying their rent,” said Madrid.

Now made even more possible by this fundraiser.

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