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Abilene granddaddy in good spirits despite stolen bike

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) - An Abilene man's freedom has been stolen. 90-year-old Ross Blasingame had his only means of transportation stolen sometime Monday night.

According to Blasingame, the three-wheel bicycle gave him not only exercise but the freedom to live his life independently.

"Going to United on Judge Ely is very simple to do," Blasingame said. "Riding around the campus (ACU), getting my exercise."

He found himself with poor eyesight several years ago and was unable to drive a car anymore.

About three years ago, he purchased the bike to help him get around town.

"It was just my way of going and visiting people that I like to visit," added Blasingame.

He's know around town as "granddaddy."

"I tell people that I collect grandkids. It's a lot better than collecting stamps."

His bike is something that helps him stay in touch with all the kids and older kids he's adopted as grandchildren through the years and although his bike was stolen right off his front porch, he is still remaining optimistic.

"I know that there are many people that feel that I ought to be upset and angry and all of this but it doesn't do anybody any good," he explained.

A report has been filed with the Abilene Police Department where an active investigation is underway.




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