ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)-Most 16 year olds balance their schoolwork with their friendships and extracurricular activties,
and one abilene high sophomore is balancing all of that on one wheel.
For 16 year-old Cole Patterson, wheeling down on his unicycle is not out of the ordinary, but it does tend to turn a few heads.
“I’ve had people as I’m riding stop and say something out their window like ‘That’s cool,” or “That’s awesome,” said Patterson. “So I get a lot of attention from it.”
But, as described by his dad Coleman Sr.–Patterson always likes to challenge himself. And he set out to do more than get recognition from passers-by.
“There aren’t very many people who have a Guiness World Record and while searching through their website I found the most consecutive bunny hops record and wanted to set it,” said Patterson. “It was fun to be able to say that I had a world record.”
Patterson set a world record of 439 bunny hops with a unicycle at the Redbud Park splashpad back in
January. He inhilated the previous record of just 96 hops. And he says he is not finished. He is now
practicing to break the world record to crush the most cans using only a unicycle in one minute.
“I had practiced and knew that I could easily beat the previous record of 96, so I just started going and kept going until I fell,” said Patterson.
After learning his dad had an interest for the one wheel as a kid, Patterson decided to take on the hobby at the age of 8.
He and his dad bought his first unicycle from Amazon, the cycle he continues to ride to this day.
“It didn’t take him long to ride it,” said Coleman Sr. “His skills greatly surpassed mine in just a matter of days.”
Coleman Sr. said quirky or fun interests run in the family.
“I think in our family we just kind of like collect unusual things that we can do and have done,” said Coleman Sr.
Cole’s World Record can be found here: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/79061-most-consecutive-bunny-hops-on-a-unicycle