ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Many Abilenians remember and lived through February freeze of 2021. It was a difficult and dangerous time for many, but it helped prepare the state for winter weather moving forward.

Local Abilene resident Natlie Newhouse said this time around she was prepared for the freeze. All her friends spent the night in the same house to ensure everyone was accounted for and safe in case something happened.

“Hunkering down cooking, playing games, movies, cooking lots of soup,” said Newhouse.

While many were home from work and school, Abilene Emergency Services Coordinator, Vincent Cantu, was busy monitoring winter conditions from the basement of Abilene City Hall.

“Fortunately, it’s been a lot of sitting and waiting and monitoring the event. With this type of event, it’s kind of slow-going and creeping. Our main hazard is ice accumulation on the roads,” Cantu explained.

Cantu reflected on what it is was like working during the February freeze.He shared that this time around, his team was well prepared with power and supplies.

“They’re more prepared this time around. There are certain things we can do to prepare for the impact and mitigate what impacts there are,” Cantu added.

As the winter season continues Cantu said it’s important to keep your emergency kit updated.

“Think about what steps you can take in order to be more prepared for these specific types of emergencies. Taking all hazardous approach is great not just for winter weather events, but for tornado, storm warning, cyber-attacks,” said Cantu.

He added that it’s best to be overly prepared for any crisis that may occur. A good way to stay alert during severe weather is through CodeRED, a notification alert city officials send out to warn residents of dangerous weather, such as tornadoes and freezes and more.