ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – An Abilene man has been indicted for a third sexual assault case.

Lavanders Marquis Muskin, 29, was indicted on an Aggravated Sexual Assault Charge Thursday afternoon in connection to an incident that happened in July of 2015.

Court documents say a woman told police Muskin approached her at the intersection of N. 10th Street and Pioneer Drive to ask her if she wanted to buy drugs. He then asked if he could use her cell phone, but she lied and told him she didn’t have one, according to the documents, which say soon after she pulled out her phone to use as a flashlight.

The documents claim when Muskin saw this, he “became angry”, hit her on the head repeatedly with his hand and the phone, covered her mouth, drug her to the back of a convenience store, then sexually assaulted her.

Muskin is also accused of assulting  two women at the Little Elm Condos in August of 2015. Court documents related to that case say he confronted them outside the complex, then forced them into an apartment at gunpoint. One victim was able to knock the gun from his hand and run for help, but the second victim was sexually assaulted when her friend left to call police.

Two days after the Little Elm Condo incident was reported, another victim came forward, saying she had woken up one morning in August of 2015 to Muskin hovering over her. Court documents filed in this case allege he taped her mouth, held her at gunpoint, then forced her into the garage of her home on the 5000 block of Congress Avenue where he raped her. She was able to make enough noise to stop him and get away.

Muskin was indicted on sexual assault charges related to the Little Elm Condo incident and the Congress Avenue incident in November of 2015.

Muskin is awaiting trial for all three incidents in the Taylor County Jail where he’s being held on bonds totaling $400,000.