ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A Hendrick Medical Center doctor is working alongside a nurse he helped deliver 22 years ago.

Dr. Charles Anderson is an OBGYN at Hendrick Medical Center South in Abilene.

“I’ve been delivering in Abilene over 30 years,” said Dr. Anderson. “This is the most exciting area of medicine, there is no doubt about it.”

Dr. Anderson says though he gets to help bring life into the world, he rarely gets to see those babies after they leave the hospital.

Next to him today is Registered Nurse Allison Davis.

“I really love being there for the moms,” said Davis.

Davis has been working under Dr. Anderson for a year now, but their relationship began long before she walked in these doors, as he helped deliver her 22 years ago.

“I always joke and I say, ‘Well, obviously he does a good job, he delivered me,'” said Davis.

Allison studied nursing at Abilene Christian University and says she knew when she got to clinicals that working with the doctor who helped deliver her would be a possibility.

“I actually saw him in the operating room for the first time as a student as I was getting to observe a C-section, and I realized it was him,” said Davis.

It wasn’t until her first day at work that the old pictures started coming.

“[My mom] was like, ‘Look, this is so cool, you’ll be able to compare how things were then and how things are now,'” said Davis.

Anderson says this is a first for him.

“This is the first nurse I’ve worked elbow-to-elbow with in Labor and Delivery,” said Dr. Anderson.

He says he’s happy he gets to be a part of not just her life, but the start of her career.

“He’s always made me feel like family,” said Davis.

After a year in Dr. Anderson’s office, Allison is moving to Fort Worth.

She says she hopes one day she can meet some of the babies she helped deliver.