ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene police have filed more search warrants as they investigate the possibility of a hitman being involved in the murder of local realtor Tom Niblo. 

Court documents state one of the warrants was filed to get information from a phone number that was in contact with Niblo’s sister, Anne Ellouise Sweetser, a few weeks before he was shot and killed inside his home on Woodridge Drive in December of 2016 – the same time frame detectives believe the siblings were involved in a dispute over their late father’s estate. 

During the investigation, detectives determined the number, which is registered to a felon convicted of multiple violent crimes, was involved in several phone calls with Anne Ellouise Sweetser on November 25, according to the documents. The nature of those calls has not been determined. 

Police interviewed the convicted felon, who has not been publicly identified, and the documents state he confirmed the phone number belonged to him but denied knowing Anne Ellouise Sweetser and claimed to have no idea why his number appeared in her contact history. 

The documents also state the investigating detective “knows that in disputes such as this, the suspect sometimes solicits someone to commit the murder on their behalf.”

The only suspect named in connection to Niblo’s murder so far is Anne Ellouise Sweetser’s husband, Luke Sweetser. Multiple court documents reveal Luke Sweetser has no alibi for the time of the murder, and he was also involved in the ongoing dispute regarding Niblo’s late father’s estate. 

Luke Sweetser has not been charged with murder but was arrested during the investigation into Niblo’s death after detectives found stolen firearms belonging to Abilene attorney Randy Wilson inside a safe next to Luke Sweetser’s personal documents. 

He has been charged with Theft of a Firearm, but his attorney has been working to get the charge dismissed, arguing that evidence that led to his client’s arrest was illegally seized.

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