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Abilene resident aids in effort to return deceased to their homes after Las Vegas shooting

"You know the goal is that we support one another. No matter who it is, where you're at, or what your beliefs are. If somebody is hurting and someone needs something, you get on the spot and help," stated Bryan Hicks, the manager for the Elmwood Funeral Home. 

He and several other members of funeral homes across the nation responded to a call for assistance that came from the Davis Funeral Home in Las Vegas.

This funeral home and the team that responded are responsible for taking in and taking care of all deceased victims from the shooting at the beginning of the month.

"There's a plan in place for everyone, a plan to get them home to their families, a plan to get them home where they can be laid to rest in the right and proper for their families to have some closure," Hicks continued. 

According to Hicks all 58 victims, many from out of state and some from out of country, should be at their respective homes in about a week.

"The 59th individual was the shooter himself. In respect of the families, and to honor them and their wishes and what they had been through, we refused to take him into our care."

Additionally Hicks and the others present spent as much time as possible doing what they could for the families of the victims.

"There's times we were able to pray and hold hands, and just share some moments with family. I told several families that the only thing I could do was hopefully bring that moment of peace in a completely chaotic situation," he finished.

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