ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – One Abilene woman is looking to honor local veterans by placing a single rose at each of the grave sites at the Texas State Veteran’s Cemetery in Abilene. 
Kimberly Norman-Prater is raising the $2,200 for the roses to be placed at the cemetery. She is a part of a big military family, with both of her late grandfathers serving in the army, one of whom was a prisoner of war.
“You know, I talk to them all the time and just thank ’em for everything that they did–here and over there,” said Norman-Prater.
She said the memorial is not only a ‘thank you’ to them but a ‘thank you’ to every veteran. 
“They don’t get what they deserve,” said Norman-Prater. “They don’t get enough credit for what they do.”
Veteran Fred Vaught is also working on the project. He acknowledge those soldiers who may not have visitors, especially those without next of kin.
“It’s a little sad, but they’re in the company of their brothers,” said Vaught.
But, through the memorial that company could broaden further.
“It’s still keeping the community involved and actually there’s other people who give a damn about us,” said Vaught.
Norman-Prater said she plans to keep growing the memorial.
“A lot of the national cemeteries already have things in place but there are six other ones in Texas, and so I’m just going to start here and go as far as I can,” said Norma-Prater.
Every flower will be of a different color, and each will be placed with brief words in memoriam.
To donate to this project visit  https://www.memorialdayflowers.org/