ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Throughout life, it can be the simple things that mean the most. Manager of Key City Wholesale Floral Pam Dugger uses her business to not just produce some of the most unique floral designs.

“I know the impact that one flower or two flowers gets them,” said Dugger. “It brightens up their day and makes them feel thought of.”

But little did Dugger know it’s her flowers that are planting seeds of hope in the Key City.

“It’s the fresh product like the flowers that we donate to Meals on Wheels on Friday and it brings a lot of joy to the older people and the disadvantaged people.”

Each week on Fridays Dugger and her team at the flower shop donate their leftover plants to Meals on Wheels recipients. Dugger says a simple flower has the power to make a difference which is something she’s seen firsthand.

“There was this one lady that we delivered to,” said Dugger. “She kept every flower. It didn’t matter whether they died or not. She kept them.”

Meanwhile, Bootsy Norwood picks up the flowers from Dugger’s shop and delivers them to Meals on Wheels each Friday. In her case, the gift makes an impact on the giver.

“Well when we retired, we were looking for a place to do some good and we delivered almost every day for many years until my husband died,” said Norwood.

Although Norwood’s husband passed away the thoughtful cause continues to blossom in honoring her late husband by serving the community.

“I think it makes people feel special,” said Norwood. “I always feel special when I get flowers. It brightens your day.”

But there’s a special impact for those on the receiving end as well. That’s where Meals on Wheels volunteer Barbara Vick comes in.

“I’ve delivered flowers on a Friday and then I come back the following Friday,” said Vick. “The flower is still in the vase.”

Barbara not only delivers meals on Fridays to many clients but delivers smiles along the way.

“Everybody just really loves it,” said Vick. “The male clients are as tickled with the flowers as the female clients.

If you would like to contribute to Meals on Wheels in Abilene or become a volunteer follow the link.