AISD grant welcoming first year teachers

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – For the last ten years The Abilene Education Foundation has been giving the Judy Dudley Memorial GIFT Grant to first year teachers.

“This money is collected through various ways, through pay roll deduction by teachers in the district, the Martha Scott Carlson endowment, through Abilene Community foundation, and then through anonymous donors,” said Mike Dudley, Board Vise-President, AEF.

Each new teacher is given $150. The first-year educators say, it’s a little surprise that will make a big difference.

“I’ve been waiting because I don’t really have any money to buy supplies, extra folders for kids who don’t have them, even decorations,” said Savannah McClure, first year teacher for Abilene ISD.

This helps make sure their classrooms and students are ready for a great school year.

“Now I can supply them with things they need to succeed. Nobody is going to have to be stressing, I can’t buy a folder. It is already there for them. They don’t have to worry about it,” said McClure.

Giving the new teachers a great welcoming into the Abilene family.

“I never expected to walk into AISD and them to care so much about their teachers. The way they have cares about us, even this week, has showed me this is where I am suppose to be,” said McClure.

This year they gave out the grants to 45 new teachers coming to AISD.

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