‘American Pickers’ finds hidden gems in Texas

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) — From coast to coast, the hosts of ‘American Pickers’ set their eyes on the hidden treasures of America and sure enough a few gems were found right here in the lone star state!

Randy Young, who now lives in the Key City, appeared on an episode of ‘American Pickers’ last month, with the guys who work to “recycle America”, and buy unique antiques from garages and barnyards across the nation.

“Of course we were starstruck as you might imagine,” Randy Young said.

It is a pretty cool thing when your city shows up on your television screen, and even more intriguing when you recognize someone from it!

“The first time in my life, I walked into a bakery and someone I didn’t know recognized me from tv!” Randy Young said.

‘American Pickers’ setting forth for the town of Brady, Texas.

“When they put out the word that they needed somebody to be on the show, a lot of people called us, and a lot of people called the show and gave them our names,” Young said.  “They gave us about seven days notice and told us we couldn’t tell any of our family or friends, or anybody in town, which was really hard.” 

Young, his brother and father appeared on the History episode, making deals from his father’s parts store!

“You know, we’re small town people and this was probably the biggest thing that happened to our small town and certainly us as a family and it was really hard to sit on your hands and not tell anybody about it before hand,” he said. “My dad and I bought it at as a house for my parts store back in in the 80s when we sold the business, we kept the old Buick dealership, which was historic, in it of itself.” 

They showcased and put bids on unusual things people do not see everyday, like signs, bicycle frames and even toy cars!

“It’s unusual to be standing there and talking and visiting with people you see on T.V. every week, but ultimately, they were just guys and they were car guys. At one point, Frank Fritz leaned over to me when we were off camera and said walked over and said, ‘You and I could swap meet together’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, we could’,” Young said.

Some treasures were hard to let go…

“They were trying to make a deal for a little cast iron, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, that was mine and when I ‘bocked’ on making the deal, my little brother jumped in and gave my deal away for them. I still think he owes me 25 bucks!,” Young said. “They made me an offer, that I wasn’t going to take and he took the offer, stepped in front of me and took the offer in  my place!”

…others were picked up and hauled off.

Young said he sometimes sees Facebook posts of people taking selfies at his dad’s parts shop, since the episode aired. The episode aired on July 23, 2018.

You can watch American Pickers on History at 9/8 central!

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