APD receives domestic violence training

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ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – In Abilene, only 16% of reported domestic violence victims seek help.

“Most domestic violence cases are reoccurring,” said SGT. Kevin Ohnheiser, the Abilene Police Department.

APD is hoping to increase that number to 100%, taking that first step towards change.

“How it works now, basically we give them a pamphlet and paper work and say here are some phone numbers, some people to help you out,” said Ohnheiser.

 Officers are being trained through a new Lethality Assessment Program with help from The Noah Project and Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.

“Those officers are going to be making assessments and they are going to be making phone calls right then and there. Officers now don’t make those phone calls on the street for them typically unless a victim asks,” said Ohnheiser.

The increase of phone calls to the Noah Project, giving victims a sense of safety and decreasing possibility of repeating offenses.

“To be able to make Abilene a safer place and to make people feel safe and to feel like their are options and that’s what we do at Noah Project is empowering victims to become survivors,” said Dan Cox, Executive Director, Noah Project.

All in hopes of getting victims into a safe place, before it’s too late.

“We think that it’s going to save some lives.”

Those who attended the meeting will now be directed to train their following officers, there is no set time on when this will all be implemented.

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