The city asked what concerns people have in the community and based on survey results, most said drugs is the biggest problem plaguing the Key City. Abilene Police have stepped up enforcement to help get drugs off our streets.

“I think that drug use affects everyone,” said Lori Mellinger, who is a former user, “and people call it a victimless crime sometimes.”

She says she knows all too well that it’s not. She found herself on probation for possession of Adderal.

“I violated that probation with having Methamphetamine on me when they pulled me over one night,” she added.

She ended up in prison for the crime as do many people who use or sell here in Abilene.

Just this past Saturday, APD officers arrested and charged two people on manufacturing and delivery of marijuana. Officers say they found seven pounds on the suspects.

“Obviously anytime someone with large amounts of drugs is off the street,” she stated, “it makes us feel just a little bit safer.”

Many people in Abilene feel the same way based on the results from the survey.

“One of the questions was list the top three areas of concern that you think are for the community,” said Rick Tomlin with the Abilene Police Department. T”he top one was the drug issue.”

So, APD says they heard you loud and clear and is stepping up its game.

“Several suggestions were presented to administration on Wednesday,” Tomlin added.

The same night, officers arrested three people and charged them with manufacturing and delivery of meth. $30,000 worth.

That makes two major drug busts in a week.

“A couple things that will happen fairly quickly, probably adding a couple more agents to SOD,” explained Tomlin.

This is the narcotics unit. They even are working on training new officers to find these type of drugs on the street.

APD believes drugs go hang-in-hand with most other crimes being committed. So, officers hope they can put a large dent in drug trafficking in Abilene so that they can also help eliminate some of the crimes being committed.