Award winning songwriter spends decades perfecting her craft

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OVALO, Texas (KTAB) – One of the biggest names in Cowboy and Western music lives just down the road off Highway 83 84.  Songwriter of the Year, Song of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year are just a few of her recent awards.

Growing up, Jean Prescott was always carrying a tune.

“I sang in grade school and high school,” Prescott said.

Picking up her first guitar at age 16, she dreamed of becoming a country star.

“That became my desire in life, to sing and play the guitar. So it all started there,” Prescott said.

Singing and writing songs, Prescott was on the track to stardom.

“But God had other plans for me so I raised a family then moved to Abilene in 1989 and at the same time had just gone to a cowboy poetry gathering and realized that’s where my heart really was,” Prescott said.

After a few years writing for both genres, Jean switched her focus completely to Cowboy and Western music in 1994.

“Cowboy music developed in the train drive days. That’s how cowboys spent their time in the evening when they had a little time. They would tell stories and they would put them to rhyme so they would have poems about the days work and they would do songs,” Prescott said.

Taking folks back to their roots through her music, Prescott never knows when inspiration is going to strike.

“I wrote a song about a year ago that come from a letter that Elmer Kelton sent me and there was a line in it that said “She wasn’t a particularly good singer but she sang when she felt like it and she felt like it a lot.”
Now, countless honors and awards later, Prescott is one of the biggest names in the genre.
“I had no idea that it was going to come to things like this. I just did it because I loved it and it was what was in my heart.”
Even with the plaques on the wall, Prescott said the biggest reward is seeing people connect with her music.
“This music that I sing is a gift and to be able to share that gift with other people that’s the best”
Prescott travels across the country and around the world performing her music.  Currently she is in Prescott, Arizona for a show.

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