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BEWARE: Aggressive panhandler targeting women in Abilene

Police say man trapped woman in elevator

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - Abilene police are warning the public about aggressive panhandling following the report of one man approaching solo women in the downtown area, including trapping one in an elevator. 

The man was identified as Jean Ndatabaye. He was arrested Tuesday afternoon, police said. He's now facing a charge of Assault and Aggressive Panhandling.

Jean Ndatabaye, according to police, is accused of approaching at least two women on Monday and "aggressively" asking for money and food. 

Police said Ndatabaye trapped one of the women in an elevator. The woman, police said, feared for her well-being. Ndatabaye eventually left the building after another man came near. 

"This male is very aggressive towards the people he approaches, mainly women who are often by themselves, asking for money or food," a police statement read.

Several others also reported being approached by a man with a similar description, police said. 



Ndatabaye has been cited for Aggressive Panhandling and Soliciting in the Roadway in recent months. 

Police said if approached by Ndatabaye or other aggressive panhandlers, they should try to avoic contact and find someone else. Emergency 911 can also be called. 

The charge of Aggressive Panhandling is a Class C Misdemeanor and carries a fine of up to $500. 

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