Big Country Game Warden tells stories of working border security

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ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – A local Texas Game Warden is sharing his story of what it’s really like to work on the border and encounter those who are trying to illegally make it into the United States.

While it’s not what Game Warden James Cummings signed up for, it’s an experience he will never forget.

“I saw one girl as young as 18 months and she was not accompanied by any family member. Another lady had been paid to bring her with her,” James Cummings, said.

He has been ten to 12 times since the state began sending Game Wardens to the border in 2014.

“We would assist Homeland Security, ICE, and Border Patrol with any detainees.” Cummings added. “Or, with people coming over or loads of narcotics coming over. We would assist with that.”

Cummings recalls most of the people crossing over to be grown men and women, there were also some young children brought over in floating rafts.

It’s something he says is a big thing at the border but also dangerous.

“It’s a huge safety issue, you’ll have a three man rubber raft. You can buy it at a local sporting good store and they will have 15 people in it. The coyotes and the human traffickers will jump in the water and swim to that raft. Nobody in the raft can actually swim and in that raft is an 18-month-old,” explained Cummings.

Cummings hasn’t been back to the border since the protestS began on the separation of families but he says no matter what, it’s hard to not have compassion for these people.

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